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Sail and more

The Regge is a rain river in Twente. The river offers several opportunities to enjoy. 

You can take a sail tour with a so-called zomp. A visit to the shipyard is very worthwhile. Relaxing on the terrace is joyful. Volunteers are building a boat similar to the boats that were made more than a hundred years ago for transport in and out of this area. That was before the trains and trucks took on that task. A good example of this is the transport of bentheimer stones for the construction of the palace on the Dam in Amsterdam.

Please read the following information to find out more about what you can do on the beautiful Regge.

On the Regge

Varen op de Regge

Do you like nature and water and want to organize an excursion?

How about to have a look at the beautiful Twente nature from the water? Cosy together with family, friends or colleagues. And this with a historical vessel. In Twente, three Enterse Zompen are located in Enter, Rijssen and Hellendoorn.

On a trip, there are two skippers on board, one controlling the vessel and the other talking about the vessel (zomp), its construction and its history. Depending on your wishes, a trip takes one hour or more.
Bookings addresses you can find on the "Booking" page.

It is not possible to take a boat trip from place to place. The zomp returns at some point and then goes back to the starting point.


Fixed boat trips

In summer, there are the so-called fixed boat trips. Then you can sail with us every hour from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. without a reservation.

Prices: Adults € 4,50, children up to 10 years € 2,50.


Special trips 2020

From Enter, Rijssen or Hellendoorn

  • Experience and discover the Regge
  • Early morning sailing with coffee and bread
  • Romantic evening light tour with coffee and drink
  • Weir tour with lunch and drink


Experience and discover the Regge
Hard work is being done on a more natural environment of the Regge. It's interesting to experience the new flow from the water. That's why this year we're organizing boat trips on the conversion site, including information about the construction and the new meanderings.

Early morning sailing
Enjoy nature from the water in the morning!
For nature lovers and the early riser, there is a boat trip at seven in the morning. On board is, if available, a guide of natural monuments or the Overijssel countryside. Coffee/tea and sandwiches are available on the go.

Romantic evening light tour
A nice boat trip on the river, with nature on the evening scents and colors!
In the evening at 7pm or 8pm, the Enterse Zomp starts from the harbour at Pelmolen in Rijssen for a boat tour. With a candle, a cup of coffee and a drink, the evening red is still waiting. This is a sailing trip for the romantic people!

Weir tour
Enjoy a special long boat ride with the Enterse Zomp over the weir, "Overtoom."
A longer boat ride to have enough time to pass the weir in the river of the ship spectacularly. Two skippers are on board, one sailing and the other telling of everything to do with the zomp and boating. Lunch and drinks are offered on the go.


Pirate Sail (depart from Exoo)

Departures from Exoo between Wierden and Enter, at least 10 participating children.
To introduce youngsters to the Enterse Zomp in a special way, there are pirate trips for children between the ages of 5 and 9. There is also a place for some parents/tutorials. The adventurous journey begins (at least for the children) at the Exoo, between Enter and Wierden. That's where the kids board. The adventure takes place between the Exoo and the jetty of Jan Woolderink, where the children are seriously on the hunt for a stolen treasure and also arrest the pirate Willem. For a children's party, this is a wonderful opportunity to combine adventure and history.

Times and prices

Opening hours means the time for which a booking can be made. It is not possible to book online for times outside the specified times.

The terrace is open during the summer months when there are regular trips.

There are no opening times on Sundays and public holidays.


The Waarf (shipyard)

Many plans have already been implemented by the Stichting Enterse Zomp. The cornerstone, however, is the shipyard "the Enterse waarf." A yard like this used to be about 3 in use in Enter. But now in a beautiful, modern and in much less spartan jacket. In a beautiful place, right on site near Enter on the border of the Lee and connected to the Regge.

"De Waarf" is a combination of a shipyard for the Enterse Zompen and an exhibition themed "The Artery of Twente." The building is decorated in Saxon style, with thatched roof and beautifully integrated into the surrounding area. Maintenance and new construction will take place in the workshop. For the shipyard lies a ramp where boats can be let to water and where all sorts of activities related to the construction of new zomps can be seen. The shipyard and the exhibition are specially designed to accommodate groups. The Waarf, a new pride of Enter and a bridge to the past of the enterprising Enternars.

To visit the shipyard, please book in advance. During the fixed trips the shipyard can be visited without reservation.

De waarf, Werfstraat 19, 7468GG Enter



Eversdijk 6 A, 7468 PV  Enter
e-mail: boekingen@entersezomp.nl
tel. 0651773357
Opening hours:
Monday untill/incl. Friday 9.00-17.00 hr
Saturday 09.00-15.30 hr


We are looking forward to see you.

Laatste nieuws


Varen waar geen water is


De Regge

De Regge is een regenrivier die vroeger al het water opving en als riool gebruikt werd. Nu is zij helder en zo schoon dat zelfs het ijsvogeltje weer is te zien.

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Wie kent niet het woord overtoom? In de Regge passeert de zomp twee stuwen met hulp van overtomen, een lorrie waar de zomp opvaart en naar de andere kant getrokken wordt.

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De Regge was wat nu de A1 is, dé levensader van Twente naar de Hanzesteden Zwolle en Kampen. 200 jaar geleden voeren hier honderden Enterse zompen en nu weer drie.

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De Zompen

De zomp is een eikenhouten platbodem van ± 12 meter lang met fokzeil en grootzeil. Een fantastisch zeilschip en goed bestuurbaar en zeer geschikt voor ondiep water.

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