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Regge, Zomp, History


The Regge as it flows


The Regge

The Regge flows from Diepenheim to Ommen. Uniquely, this river begins and ends in the Netherlands. The Regge is a rain river. In winter, so much rain had sometimes fallen that expanded areas were underwater. Through the Regge, Twente had an important connection to the Hanseatic cities of Zwolle and Kampen, but also to Germany was sailed. Back then, the country roads were often impassable, muddy roads in the winter months and loose sand in summer. But with the Enterse Zomp, a flat ground boat, large loads could be transported across the water. Currently, 3 zomps sail over the Regge again, but now with tourists enjoying the beautiful nature and tranquility on the water.

In the years 60 of the last century, the river was heavily polluted. This was mainly due to the drainage of (chemical) substances from the (textile) factories. Thanks to the wastewater treatment plants, the Regge is clean again and the fish stocks are on level and very diverse. The kingfisher, one of the most sensitive sensors in the environment, is permanently back.

The Regge is still a rain river, but also a recreation river, with a crowded campsite, many fishermen, and the tourist go with their with canoes. The two zomps and an electric boat complete the scene.

In addition to a beautiful Regge, good water levels are important for agriculture, recreation and nature. Work is ongoing around the Regge near Enter to recreate a more natural environment.


The kingfisher, beautiful coloured bird 

The Zomp

The Zomp is a flatboat with flat ground and sail. On both sides are swords that make the zomp more controllable. The oak planks of the ground and the skin (the sides) are of a length that makes the boat strong. Even with a heavy cargo, the zomp is not deep in the water (40 cm). The zomps used to be a little shorter, but the last one was 12 meter long and 2.70 meter wide.
Over the centuries, there have been hundreds of zomps. Much has not been left over. Today's enterse Zomp was launched on April 26, 1986, after the Enterse Zomp Regional Foundation was founded in 1984. The Pelmolen was chosen as a berth in Rijssen, where a special port was built.

A new zomp was built according drawings that came from the Zuiderzee Museum. With this launch, an important goal was realized: To revive the history of the many enterse zomps and to keep everything related to it alive in order to be able to show these on current and future generations. The remains of the original boat "Regt door Zee" are housed in the Museum of Ancient Buisjan in Enter.

In the Regge, weirs were built to increase travel opportunities. A special trailer was built to move the zomp over land.

Tekening Enterse Zomp

The Zomp (a boat wih flat ground and sail)

The History

Most skippers who sailed the "zompen" came from Enter, although there were also skippers from Almelo and Hellendoorn. The peak of the zomp was around 1800, when 125 of these cargo ships were on the go. The zomps were, as far as is known, all built on the shipyards.

In earlier times, the Regge was extremely unstable because authorities did nothing more to improve that flow. When the Regge was dry, the skippers built a dam about 1 meter high, and then they had to wait until the water had risen enough. After crossing this dam, there was a convoy to be sailed through the ditch. An hour after that the digging could start again.

The zomps transported everything necessary for everyday life. Wood to and from Sneek, raw materials and finished products for the textile industry, clogs, roof tiles, boxes of eggs, veins. Antique watches and cabinets from Friesland, charcoal from Delfzijl, beets from Lemelerveld, cereals, trees, ham and so on.

With the construction of the Utrechtsestraatweg from Almelo to Zwolle (1823) and the railway line from Deventer to Enschede in 1888, the difficult sailing ended.

An original zomp near Rijssen

Laatste nieuws


Varen waar geen water is


De Regge

De Regge is een regenrivier die vroeger al het water opving en als riool gebruikt werd. Nu is zij helder en zo schoon dat zelfs het ijsvogeltje weer is te zien.

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Wie kent niet het woord overtoom? In de Regge passeert de zomp twee stuwen met hulp van overtomen, een lorrie waar de zomp opvaart en naar de andere kant getrokken wordt.

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De Regge was wat nu de A1 is, dé levensader van Twente naar de Hanzesteden Zwolle en Kampen. 200 jaar geleden voeren hier honderden Enterse zompen en nu weer drie.

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De Zompen

De zomp is een eikenhouten platbodem van ± 12 meter lang met fokzeil en grootzeil. Een fantastisch zeilschip en goed bestuurbaar en zeer geschikt voor ondiep water.

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